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Welcome to APIEM Conferences

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APIEM Conferences has been created to contribute to the professionalisation of the events/MICE industry in Asia Pacific by bringing together events/MICE professionals, scholars and students to share knowledge and understanding about the events/MICE industry. We organise conferences, symposiums, seminars, meetings, workshops, webinars and hybrid events on themes related to the events/MICE industry. By joining one of our events your knowledge and understanding of the events/MICE industry will be considerably enhanced and will enable you to take some of the ideas generated into your work place. The papers that are presented at our events will be published in the Asia Pacific International Events Management Journal - subject to the approval of the journal`s editorial board - and as such will develop further the subject body of knowledge in events/MICE.


We organise events in different locations throughout Asia Pacific in partnership with APIEM Institutional Members. Our annual signature conference is titled the `Asia Pacific State of the Art Events Management Research Conference` and this conference welcomes papers on a great variety of events/MICE topics. The location of our signature conference varies each year but is staged in a city that is a great showcase for the events/MICE industry.


I hope that you will have the opportunity to join with us at one of our events – further information about each one can be found on this website.

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Professor David Hind


Asia Pacific Institute for Events Management

About Us

The Asia Pacific Institute for Events Management ( has been established to contribute to the professionalisation of the events and MICE industry in the Asia Pacific region. APIEM does this in a number of ways by:


  • accrediting as APIEM Centres of Excellence those universities, polytechnics and colleges in Asia Pacific that have been audited to demonstrate that they provide an events/MICE curriculum of an international standard

  • contributing to the events/MICE academic body of knowledge by publishing the scientific, international journal – the Asia Pacific International Events Management Journal

  • contributing to the events/MICE academic body of knowledge by publishing the textbook – International Best Practice in Event Management

  • bringing together events/MICE academics and practitioners at international events organised by APIEM Events Management Services (

  • supporting the development of an international standard curriculum in events/MICE education through consultancy services to universities, polytechnics and colleges

  • organising international continuing professional development programs for faculty lecturers who teach events/MICE subjects

  • providing the APIEM Certified Event Management qualifications through online learning (

Event Aims


Over the last 20 years events/MICE management has emerged as a new academic subject discipline that is included in the curricula of universities, polytechnics and colleges throughout Asia Pacific. To support the teaching of events/MICE management faculty are required and encouraged to undertake research to develop further the body of knowledge in this emerging subject discipline.


APIEM Conferences will provide an opportunity for scholars and industry professionals to meet, to share their contemporary research findings and to have their papers published.


The aims of these international, scientific, research events are to provide a forum for scholars and industry professionals to:


  • Share their contemporary research findings with peers and to examine the importance of these research findings for the management and development of the events/MICE industry in Asia Pacific

  • Create an opportunity for critical discussion of the key contemporary issues and themes that emerge from the research papers

  • Enable delegates to network and establish academic, industry and research collaborations of mutual interest and benefit

  • Publish contemporary knowledge in the events/MICE management subject discipline so that it can be used to inform the development and content of events/MICE management undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs of the

Who Should Attend


The following delegates will find the conferences of benefit:


  • Academic researchers and faculty/lecturers who research and teach in the fields of events management, MICE, hospitality, leisure and tourism with an interest in the Asia Pacific events/MICE industry 

  • Postgraduate and PhD scholars who are studying programs in events management/MICE

  • Events/MICE management professionals who work for public and private sector organisations that are involved with the management and development of the events/MICE industry

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