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Welcome to the APIEM Certified Event Courses


Whatever your ultimate career destination as an events/MICE management 
professional studying for an APIEM Certified Event qualification will give you the knowledge and understanding to implement international standards of best practice within the events/MICE industry into your daily work activities.

Our courses have been designed to introduce you to the international standards that events/MICE clients` expect of the event professionals that they work with.

Background and Philosophy

The APIEM Certified Event courses are qualifications for events/MICE professionals who wish to gain an international qualification to demonstrate their competence at organising events that are of an international standard.  The courses are designed to enhance the ability of events/MICE professionals to function effectively within public and private sectors of the global events/MICE industry.
Events/MICE organisations are increasingly competing in an international context, which requires events professionals to understand how to organise successful events that meet the needs and expectations of discerning clients and their customers. Operating to international standards poses challenges for events/MICE professionals who might only have experience of organising events in a regional or national context and without a formal education in events/MICE management. It is now recognised that the global events/MICE industry requires events professionals who are able to plan, prepare, organise and manage events that are underpinned by international best practice in events/MICE management. The APIEM Certified Event courses will ensure events/MICE professionals understand how to devise and manage events to an international standard. 

The APIEM Certified Event courses have been designed by the United Kingdom Event Industry Academy and have been aligned to the United Kingdom National Occupation Standards for the Events Industry. The courses provide a practical program of learning that is assessed by a competency-based portfolio of evidence and a reflective report that each student produces to demonstrate that they have met the learning outcomes of the course and its modules.

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